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Tort Law Directions (ePub eBook) 7th Revised edition

Tort Law Directions (ePub eBook) 7th Revised edition

eBook by Brennan, Carol/Bermingham, Vera;

Tort Law Directions (ePub eBook)


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Tort Law Directions (ePub eBook)


The Directions series has been written with students in mind. The ideal guide as they approach the subject for the first time, this book will help them:- Gain a complete understanding of the topic: just the right amount of detail conveyed clearly- Understand the law in context: with scene-setting introductions and highlighted case extracts, the practical importance of the law becomes clear- Identify when and how to evaluate the law critically: they'll be introduced to the key areas of debate and given the confidence to question the law- Deepen and test knowledge: visually engaging learning and self-testing features aid understanding and help students tackle assessments with confidence- Elevate their learning: with the ground-work in place your students can aspire to take their learning to the next level, with direction provided on how to go furtherDigital formats and resourcesThis edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources.- The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support The online resources include: - guidance on answering the questions in the book- podcasts summarising the issues covered in each chapter- self-test questions with instant feedback- a testbank for use by lecturers, which can be customised to meet specific teaching needs


1: Law and system 2: Negligence: duty of care 3: Negligence: breach of duty 4: Negligence: causation 5: Negligence: duty of care problem areas 6: Defences to negligence 7: Negligence: occupiers' liability 8: Employers' liability and non-delegable duties 9: Vicarious liability 10: Product liability 11: Trespass to the person and to land 12: Nuisance 13: Rylands v Fletcher 14: Elements of defamation 15: Defences to defamation 16: Privacy and misuse of private information 17: Remedies and limitation

7th Revised edition
Oxford University Press
OUP Oxford
472 pages
Publication Date:
09 Jul 2020

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