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Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning PDF eBook (PDF eBook) 7th edition

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning PDF eBook (PDF eBook) 7th edition

eBook by Nicoulaud, Brigitte/Rudd, John/Lee, Nick

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning PDF eBook (PDF eBook)


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Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning PDF eBook (PDF eBook)


For undergraduate and postgraduate students taking modules in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management and Strategic Marketing Management. Understand and formulate rigorous marketing strategies and differential advantage in todays marketplace Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 7th Edition, by Hooley, Nicoulaud, Rudd and Lee provides a deep understanding of the process of developing and implementing a rigorous marketing strategy. This book focuses on competitive positioning and includes in-depth discussions of the processes used within marketing to achieve competitive advantage in a business environment - by creating and sustaining superior performance in the marketplace. The key approach used in this book is to focus on two central issues in marketing strategy formulation the identification of target markets, and the creation of a differential advantage. In doing so, it recognises the emergence of potential new target markets born of the recession, increased concern for climate change and disruption from ongoing technological advances. It helpsyou examine ways in which firms can differentiate offerings through recognition of environmental and social concerns and innovation. Pearson, the worlds learning company.


Preface Acknowledgements Publisher's Acknowledgements Part 1: MARKETING STRATEGY 1. Market-led strategic management 2. Strategic marketing planning Part 2: COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS 3. The changing market environment 4. Customer analysis 5. Competitor analysis 6. Understanding the organisational resource base Part 3: IDENTIFYING CURRENT AND FUTURE COMPETITIVE POSITIONS 7. Segmentation and positioning principles 8. Segmentation and positioning research 9. Selecting market targets Part 4: COMPETITIVE POSITIONING STRATEGIES 10. Creating sustainable competitive advantage 11. Competing through the evolving marketing mix 12. Competing through innovation 13. Competing through superior service and customer relationships Part 5: IMPLEMENTING THE STRATEGY 14. Strategic customer management and the strategic sales organisation 15. Strategic alliances and networks 16. Strategy implementation and internal marketing 17. Corporate social responsibility and ethics Part 6: CONCLUSIONS 18. Marketing in the twenty-first century References Index

7th edition
616 pages
Publication Date:
24 Dec 2019

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